The Longway

An App to Help busy students fit more physical activity into their daily routines.



My team designed The Longway app to reduce students’ potential healthcare expenditures by making physical activity a more natural part of their lives. We wanted to create a fitness application that would act as a call to action rather than being just another data tracker. The problem with many students is that they are too busy to exercise during the day. Our group looked for ways that we could add a little more physical activity into a student's routine without interfering with their plans or hectic schedules.



Fall 2012


10 Weeks


The Design Process


Jeff Bartenbach


Sam Cook | Ashley Lehning | Karin Kawauichi


Research | Ideation | Story | User Experience | Acting | Editing


Illustrator | After Effects | Premiere


We produced a mobile app prototype, named The Longway, that uses social networking and gamification to make fitness more consistent and integrated into students’ irregular schedules. The Longway tracks its users' movement, allowing them to earn points and badges and connect with friends to compete for high scores. The app encourages students to take the “long way” to their destination, helping them incorporate physical activity into small parts of their day in a fun and engaging way.


Research & Development

The outcome of our project was heavily influenced by the research conducted in the beginning. What we discovered was that college students, faced with newfound dietary freedom, and multiple, conflicting demands for their time, often allow physical activity to fall to the bottom of their priority list. Our application became simplified and focused around four main activities: walking, running, biking, and climbing stairs. To encourage students to move more, we added gamification as an extra incentive and reminded them that they can improve their own health by changing how they move about. The Longway evolved from research to interface and how the application might actually be implemented in students’ lives.



Quick storyboard sketch

Interface wireframe

Interface wireframe

Early interface

Early interface